Project Abyss CS

Into the depths of server rooms and code




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Cookies and other content

Cookies are partly used on home.html and abm.html and our external page . Meaning if you enter our Homepage or our Mobilepage or the Cloud Drive domain, you will have to use cookies to use the pages or block them with a third party browser addon. The external content are: discord widget, Fontawesome font icons, Google fonts Raleway font. These are disabled from our Secure website and this landing page. Our CSS file is loaded for the webpages to show the website in the way we intended it to look.

Project Abyss CS

Project Abyss Code and Servers, formerly known as Abyss Code and Servers Company and Magic Initiative, is a project of Rogue-Agent (Thomas) to gain experience in IT. This project includes Cloud drive services, HTML;CSS;JS; programming and web server hosting and more coming.


The domain connection to the webpage is not secured. HTTP is being used for basic displaying of the webpage. This is not a security concern as information from the user is not required. Meaning the "man in the middle" if such exists, is only able to see the website and nothing else. For more information, please consult your IT specialist or contact us.

Third parties

Google;,, used with Google fonts to load Raleway font to view the content in the form the designers intended.
Font Awesome; used to declare an icon, to show icons to the user.
Discord;,, is used to show an app widget on our pages, to show the people who are online on our Discord server.
Imunify360; used when a user access domain to protect the domain host.
Domainhotelli; domain host of
NGINX; used to drive the website for the world wide web. We used to use Apache.
Docker; used for running NGINX.
Microsoft; used with Windows Server 2019 to run Docker and most of our internet content.
No-Ip; used to update our IP with the domain host, our back domain;