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virtual machine basic

This virtual machine has 25 GB of storage and 2 GB of DDR4 memory, the VM runs on a HDD with 7200rpm. All the specs can be upgraded contact for further information

virtual machine premium

This virtual machine has 50 GB of storage and 4 GB of DDR4 memory, the VM runs on a SSD. All the specs can be upgraded contact for further information

project abyss

A Server project to host and study information technology mainly in the server administration branche but also coding and development. We are not a company, Abyss is just a project.

who we are

We are a team of hobbyists and qualified IT-engineers who have recently graduated from a technical school


We have started out as a Vision to create a new server enviroment for users and businesses alike. We like the idea of hosting our own projects over the web.

enviromental impact

We seek to minimize the enviromental impact as much as possible. Currently our electricity is sourced from renewable sources like wind turbines and solar panels. Our datacenter facility uses the under ground air to cool down and air source heat pumps to warm up the warmer areas.


Our products and services we currently have running or are in planning.

abyss access portal

Abyss Access Portal is used for datacenter connections between Microsoft Azure and Abyss datacenters.

abyss cloud drive

Abyss Cloud Drive is currently in Beta testing. Abyss CD allows users from around the world create their own cloud space to have everywhere.

abyss server command

Abyss Server Command is our technical control center for Game servers. We currently have our service running on Discord.

abyss virtual portal

Abyss Virtual Portal allows users to visit a free world wide web with a VPN.

abyss metal load

Abyss Metal Load is our Hardware division and services our datacenters and your servers.

abyss virtual metal

Abyss Virtual Metal manages our Virtual machines and allows users to connect to these.


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